Fixing the volume control on Hopper

Hopper Group

We recently updated our TV and simply unplugged the cords from the old TV and put them into the new TV and everything worked smoothly. Only issue we have is that we no longer can adjust the volume using our Hopper remote control. We can change channels and use everything else, but can’t adjust the volume. How can we fix that?


With the remote in hand, either press MENU on the 40.0 remote, or HOME twice on the new Hopper remotes. From the Main Menu screen, scroll to SETTINGS > REMOTE CONTROL. Once here, scroll down to DEVICES, and select TV. Then choose the TV PAIRING WIZARD option, and simply select your new TV’s brand, and select NEXT. Follow the onscreen instructions and press VOLUME UP or DOWN. You should see that you can now change the TV volume; if you can’t, keep selecting NEXT CODE until it works. When done, hit FINISHED and you should be all set!