Now You See Me

FX Movie Channel | 4:20 pm
Charismatic magician Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg) leads a team of talented illusionists called the Four Horsemen. Atlas and his comrades mesmerize audiences with a pair of amazing magic shows that drain the bank accounts of the corrupt and funnel the money to audience members. A federal agent (Mark Ruffalo) and an Interpol detective (Mélanie Laurent) intend to rein in the Horsemen before their next caper, and they turn to Thaddeus (Morgan Freeman), a famous debunker, for help. […]

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Escaping Polygamy

LIFETIME | 10:00 pm
Jessica enlists the help of Rachel Jeffs, the daughter of infamous cult leader Warren Jeffs, to help a desperate woman named Carole escape a "house of repentance" maintained by the group in a new episode called "My Cousin, My Lover." Carole has been sent to this grim environment, far away from family and friends, after being caught in what her faith considers an inappropriate relationship. Extricating her is bound to be tricky, since the house is overseen by elite women dedicated to protecting the cult at all costs. […]

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Independent Lens

PBS | 10:00 pm
The new documentary "Tre Maison Dasan" offers a poignant portrait of three young Rhode Island boys trying to navigate the challenges of childhood and adolescence with one of their parents behind bars. The boys — Tre, a tough but vulnerable 13-year old; Maison, a hyper-articulate 11-year-old on the autism spectrum; and shy 6-year-old Dasan — routinely hear their incarcerated parents demonized by adults who also assume "the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree" as far as these kids are concerned. […]


Magnum P.I.

CBS | 9:00 pm
By any measure, Thomas Magnum’s (Jay Hernandez) relationship with his old flame Hannah (guest star Jordana Brewster) is complicated. After all, she’s the fugitive who caused Magnum and his SEAL team to be held as POWs for years. So when Hannah abruptly turns up at his home with a gunshot wound, he’s not automatically inclined to help her rescue her missing CIA father, whose life is in danger. Elsewhere, Magnum makes Higgins (Perdita Weeks) an offer he hopes she can’t refuse in the Season 1 finale, "The Day It All Comes Together." […]

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Street Outlaws

DISCOVERY | 9:00 pm
The best street racers in Oklahoma City return for a new season that finds them setting aside personal differences to band together as never before in the face of new challenges to their racing supremacy in the two-hour Season 13 premiere "Us and Them." Chief among those challenges: a West Coast racer named Boddie who has assembled a veritable California dream team. […]

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The Resident

FOX | 8:00 pm
When Atlanta is socked by a major snowstorm, Mina (Shaunette Renee Wilson) is forced to perform major surgery to save the life of a young father without the help of her mentor, The Raptor (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), in the new episode "Snowed In." Kit and Bell (Jane Leeves, Bruce Greenwood) uncomfortably baby-sit the patient’s young kids. Elsewhere, Nic and Conrad’s (Emily VanCamp, Matt Czuchry) relationship takes another hit when they clash over a patient’s treatment. Manish Dayyal also star. […]

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

CW | 8:00 pm
New episodes resume with a spring premiere called "Lucha De Apuestas," which finds the Legends heading to 1961 Mexico City to clean up an anticipated mess after they learn that Mona (Roman Young) has released a fugitive. Meanwhile, Nate and Zari (Nick Zano, Tala Ashe) undertake a joint mission to find out what Hank (guest star Tom Wilson) may be hiding from everyone. Caity Lotz, Matt Ryan and Brandon Routh also star. […]