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With so many of us spending more time indoors recently, we at DISH know that you’re relying on your TV service now more than ever to entertain yourself and your loved ones. That’s why we want to make sure that you know about all of the ways to watch your favorite shows or find new programming.

Top Tips For Finding New & Favorite Shows

  1. Use your Voice Remote or search. The easiest way to find something specific you want to watch is to use the search capabilities on your receiver.
    • If you have a Voice Remote, press and hold the microphone button and speak what you want to watch, such as a movie/show title or actor
    • If you don’t have a Voice Remote, press the search button and use the onscreen keypad to type a show or movie title
  2. Check out our free previews. We added a variety of channels to make sure you have plenty to watch, even if you don’t subscribe to a programming package that includes certain channels.To see everything available in free preview:
    • On your Hopper, Joey or Wally, go to Channel 103 in your guide and select the “This Month’s Featured Free Previews” option
    • On your ViP receiver, tune to Channel 102
  3. Have a movie night at home and rent one of the titles starting on Channel 501 or 502 in your guide. If you have a Hopper, Joey or Wally, you can also watch “DISH Family Flicks” available in the free movies section of On Demand (see how to access below).
  4. View everything available On Demand.
    • On your Hopper, Joey or Wally, tune to Channel 300. Look to “Free Movies” and “Free TV Shows” to see all of the content available at no additional cost.
    • On your ViP receiver, press the Menu button on your remote, and then select On Demand
  5. If you have more people than TVs in your home, increase your viewing capabilities by using the DISH Anywhere app on a mobile device. Or you can visit on a laptop/computer.
  6. On your Hopper, Joey or Wally:
    • You can visit a new app called DISH Headlines to watch multiple news channels all at one time. Go to Channel 207 to launch the app and stay informed.
    • Check out Channel 102 every Saturday at 8pm ET for free televised concerts.

Colleen Skells

From all of us at DISH, we hope you and your family are safe and healthy.

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Colleen Skells is a communications manager at DISH.