Counting Cars

HISTORY | 10:03 pm
In a new episode called "Mike Gets Medieval," Danny puts his faith in Horny Mike when it comes to painting a medieval mural on a '73 GMC pickup truck, but unfortunately he soon comes to regret that misplaced confidence. On a much happier note, Danny also stumbles upon a rare Carroll Shelby-designed sportster while hunting for a client's dream car. […]


Food Paradise

COOKING | 10:00 pm
Among the mouthwatering featured foods in the new episode "Tasty Taverns," a French-trained chef has a growing base of fans who happily line up for the high-quality Mexican fare he's slinging, while at another eatery, big beer and bold burgers never fail to be a draw. The owners of a pizza parlor reveal the secret behind their success, while the kitchen in a busy New York tavern smothers its burgers and spikes its addictive shakes. […]


Game On!

CBS | 8:00 pm
Irish professional wrestler Becky Lynch joins Team Gronk, while actor Joel McHale signs on with Team Venus in tonight's new episode. Among the challenges, the teams compete in Human Darts and Sumo Wrestling, as well as try to break two Guinness World Records: fastest 10-meter heel-to-toe walk and most balloons burst in one minute by sitting on them. Keegan-Michael Key is the host. […]