Amityville: The Awakening

SYFY | 10:15 pm
Filmed in 2014 but not released until 2017, this 10th entry in the horror film franchise stars Bella Thorne ("Famous in Love") as Belle Walker, a teenager who moves into the malevolent Long Island home with her mother, Joan (Jennifer Jason Leigh); Belle's (literally) brain-dead twin, James (Cameron Monaghan, "Gotham") and their little sister, Juliet (Mckenna Grace, "Designated Survivor"). They soon find themselves haunted by a demonic presence who has taken over James' vacant body as a convenient vessel. […]



AMC | 10:00 pm
This new six-part episodic anthology series takes a wry look at the nature of romantic love among a different set of characters in each episode. Set 15 years in the future, the story revolves around a revolutionary new scientific discovery that guarantees to tell you the identity of your true soulmate. In the premiere, "Watershed," happily married Nikki (Sarah Snook, "Succession") and Franklin (Kingsley Ben-Adir, "High Fidelity") debate their options when everyone they know starts taking the soul-mate test. The ensemble cast also includes Betsy Brandt ("Life in Pieces"). […]



PBS | 10:00 pm
Alex Rivera and Cristina Herrera's new hybrid docu-thriller "The Infiltrators" chronicles the saga of two young immigrants who intentionally get detained by the U.S. Border Patrol and put in a shadowy, for-profit detention center. The pair, Marco and Vin, are members of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance, radical Dreamers who are on a determined mission to stop deportations. The best place to do that, they believe, is in detention. […]


Filthy Rich

FOX | 9:00 pm
Ginger's (Melia Kreiling) live baptism on the Sunshine Network sparks an uproar among fans, so Margaret (Kim Cattrall) invites her to appear again on "Wings of a Dove" to explain her actions in the new episode "Psalm 25:3." Elsewhere, after being busted on live television, Jason (Mark L. Young) knows his lies are starting to close in on him, while Ginger asks Margaret for help when her mother (guest star Rachel York) and her workers are stalked by a strange man. […]


One Day at a Time

CBS | 9:00 pm
Originally created for a streaming platform, this critically acclaimed reboot of a fondly remembered Norman Lear sitcom that ran from 1975-84 on CBS begins a broadcast run on that same network, with Justina Machado starring as the head of a Cuban-American family living in contemporary Los Angeles. Season 4 opens with the episode "Checking Boxes," in which the Alvarez family gets a visit from a friendly census taker (guest star Ray Romano). His questions prompt the characters to reflect on their lives. Another episode immediately follows. […]


L.A.'s Finest

FOX | 8:00 pm
"It never rains, but … ." After a corpse inexplicably plummets out of the sky and slams onto a busy street in Los Angeles, the startled detectives immediately start trying to piece together clues to figure out where the body came from in a new episode called "Con Air." Meanwhile, McKenna's (Jessica Alba) past starts to catch up with her. Gabrielle Union, Duane Martin, Zach Gilford, Ernie Hudson and Ryan McPartlin also star. […]


NFL Football

ESPN | 8:00 pm
A clash of NFC playoff hopefuls is in the offing tonight at Lambeau Field, where Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers hope to score a win over Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons. While the Pack are feeling good about their chances coming off a 13-3 2019 season, the Falcons are less certain after two-straight losing campaigns, though an influx of talent through free agency and the draft makes them worth keeping an eye on. […]


Family Guy

FOX | 9:30 pm
Stewie breaks up with Rupert after learning that he used to belong to Chris; unable to get over his feelings of betrayal, Stewie decides to take action. […]