CW | 9:00 pm
After each of them receives an unsettling visit from a mysterious figure who arrives in town from parts unknown, the gang find themselves confronted with some unwelcome ultimatums, some of which look like no-win scenarios, in the new episode "Chapter Ninety-Eighty: Mr. Cypher." Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Cole Sprouse, Madchen Amick, Casey Cott, Charles Melton, Erinn Westbrook and Drew Ray Tanner star. […]


Saying Yes to Christmas

LIFETIME | 8:00 pm
While workaholic June is back home visiting her family for the holidays, a magic Christmas wish casts a spell that compels her to say "yes" to every invitation she receives. Among them, the sudden reappearance of Blake, an old flame, soon finds its way onto her overcommitted schedule, striking some long-dormant sparks as they spend time together. Erika Prevost and Romaine Waite star in this 2021 yuletide romance. […]


Father Goose

TCM | 8:00 pm
Cary Grant gives one of his most engaging later performances in this 1964 comedy. The jaunty theme song — "Pass Me By" — says it all for his character, a happily aimless seafarer reluctantly enlisted to help Australia's navy during World War II. Supposedly alone on a South Seas island, he ends up protecting a teacher (Leslie Caron) and her students, who are on the run from Japanese soldiers. The comedy airs tonight as part of a salute to Grant. […]


7 Little Johnstons

TLC | 8:00 pm
Trent is forced to re-evaluate his priorities after his father's declining health causes him to miss their annual Father's Day gathering in a new episode called "From Croquet to Crochet." Meanwhile, Anna is hit with the realities of living on her own, and Emma settles into her new solo room. […]


NBA Basketball

TNT | 7:30 pm
An intracity rivalry gets another chapter tonight at Barclays Center, where Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets will defend home court from Julius Randle and the New York Knicks. While the Nets have struggled at times on the court and over the controversy surrounding Kyrie Irving, the Knicks have looked impressive, especially on the offensive end, where they've ranked among the league leaders in points scored in the early going. […]


Great Escapes With Morgan Freeman

HISTORY | 10:00 pm
The new episode "Conquering the Wall" looks back at an escape from Pittsburgh State Penitentiary, when criminal mastermind Nuno Pontes led a small party of inmates through a tunnel they had dug under the prison wall. The fugitives made it as far as Texas before they were captured and returned to incarceration. Pontes had used his above-average intelligence and seemingly obedient demeanor to secure prison jobs that afforded him access to areas normally off-limits to prisoners at the facility. […]


Double Jeopardy

| 11:30 pm
Framed for the murder of her husband, Libby Parsons (Ashley Judd) survives the long years in prison with two burning desires sustaining her — finding her son and solving the mystery that destroyed her once-happy life. Standing between her and her quest, however, is her parole officer, Travis Lehman (Tommy Lee Jones). Libby poses a challenge to the cynical officer, one that forces him to face up to his own failings while pitting him against his superiors and law enforcement colleagues. […]


The Green Mile

| 11:00 pm
Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) walked the mile with a variety of cons. He had never encountered someone like John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan), a massive black man convicted of brutally killing a pair of young sisters. Coffey had the size and strength to kill anyone, but not the demeanor. Beyond his simple, naive nature and a deathly fear of the dark, Coffey seemed to possess a prodigious, supernatural gift. Paul began to question whether Coffey was truly guilty of murdering the two girls. […]


Something's Gotta Give

| 10:44 pm
When aging womanizer Harry Sanborn (Jack Nicholson) and his young girlfriend, Marin (Amanda Peet), arrive at her family's beach house in the Hamptons, they find that her mother, dramatist Erica Barry (Diane Keaton), also plans to stay for the weekend. Erica is scandalized by the relationship and Harry's sexist ways. But when Harry has a heart attack, and a doctor (Keanu Reeves) prescribes bed rest at the Barry home, he finds himself falling for Erica — who, for once, may be out of his league. […]


We're the Millers

| 10:00 pm
Small-time pot dealer David (Jason Sudeikis) learns the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished; trying to help some teens, he is jumped by thugs and loses his cash and stash. Now, David's in big debt to his supplier and — to wipe the slate clean — he must go to Mexico to pick up the guy's latest shipment. To accomplish his mission, Dave devises a foolproof plan: He packs a fake family into a huge RV and heads south of the border for a wild weekend that is sure to end with a bang. […]