The Circle

| 11:03 pm
Mae Holland (Emma Watson) seizes the opportunity of a lifetime when she lands a job with the world's most powerful technology and social media company. Encouraged by the company's founder (Tom Hanks), Mae joins a groundbreaking experiment that pushes the boundaries of privacy, ethics and personal freedom. Her participation in the experiment, and every decision she makes soon starts to affect the lives and futures of her friends, family and that of humanity. […]


American Soul

BET | 10:00 pm
Don Cornelius (Sinqua Walls) looks to secure a new talk show with the network even as he is battling a crippling migraine in the Season 2 finale, "So Long, Sucker." Since surviving what they now realize was truly a near-death experience, Simone and JT (Katlyn Nichol, Christopher Jefferson) only feel more driven to search for their own independence and win over Aiya's (Jaxon Rose Moore) foster parents. […]


At Home With Amy Sedaris

TRUTV | 10:00 pm
"Signature Dishes" is the theme and title of tonight's new episode, which finds Amy (Amy Sedaris) preparing her famous ginger snap recipe, which she hopes will be sanctioned by the Culinary Academy. Those plans may turn stale, though, once food critic Janice Shanks accuses Amy of plagiarizing the recipe. Meanwhile, Patty Hogg (Sedaris again) feels her vegetarian goose liver salad was snubbed by the academy. […]


Food Paradise

COOKING | 10:00 pm
With the new episode "Grab on the Go," the title is somewhat self-explanatory, since the common thread with the featured food is its ability to travel rather than require dine-in consumption. Among the spotlighted businesses are a New Jersey drive-in that slings sky-high burgers, a New Orleans doughnut shop where they turn diner dinner classics into quick-bite handhelds and a Southern California spot serving decadent seafood fries. […]


Married at First Sight

LIFETIME | 8:00 pm
This combination reality show and social experiment docuseries opens Season 11 as "The Story Begins" for 10 single people in New Orleans. Their nerves are on edge, understandably, since each is about to marry a complete stranger. One groom's true motives for participating already are called into question at his bachelor party, which takes a wild turn. For one of the brides to be, the discovery of her husband's identity the night before the wedding leaves her deeply unsettled. […]


Property Brothers

HGTV | 8:00 pm
In the new episode "Flashback: Irina and Dean," Drew and Jonathan Scott share helpful insights as they rework the layout of a couple's home to accommodate their unexpected family of four. The brothers add a nursery and revamp the kitchen, living and dining rooms. Then, as if that's not enough, Drew and Jonathan surprise their delighted clients with a master bedroom makeover. […]


NASCAR Cup Series

FS1 | 8:30 pm
Yes, it's a nonpoints event but that won't stop competitors from giving their all in tonight's NASCAR All-Star Race. It'll be "boys have at it" racing as race winners from this and last season, as well as all past event winners and previous Cup champions go at it on the half-mile oval of Bristol Motor Speedway. So expect the likes of Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, Joey Logano, Denny Hamlin and Jimmie Johnson to be among those in the field. […]


Julie & Julia

| 9:30 pm
Frustrated with a soul-killing job, New Yorker Julie Powell (Amy Adams) embarks on a daring project: she vows to prepare all 524 recipes in Julia Childs' landmark cookbook, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." Intertwined with Julie's story is the true tale of how Julia Child (Meryl Streep) herself conquered French cuisine with passion, fearlessness, and plenty of butter. […]


Star Trek

| 9:00 pm
Aboard the USS Enterprise, the most-sophisticated starship ever built, a novice crew embarks on its maiden voyage. Their path takes them on a collision course with Nero (Eric Bana), a Romulan commander whose mission of vengeance threatens all mankind. If humanity would survive, a rebellious young officer named James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and a coolly logical Vulcan named Spock (Zachary Quinto) must move beyond their rivalry and find a way to defeat Nero before it is too late. […]


That's My Boy

| 8:55 pm
While still a teen himself, Donny (Adam Sandler) fathered a son,Todd (Andy Samberg), and raised him as a single parent. On Todd's 18th birthday, Donny cut the youth loose. After years of estrangement,the older man shows up unexpectedly on the eve of his son's wedding day, sending the young man's life into a tailspin. Donny wants desperately to reconnect with Todd, but he must now deal with the repercussions of the bad parenting he exhibited in the past. […]