Kindred Spirits

TRAVEL | 9:00 pm
Paranormal investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry once again call on psychic medium Chip Coffey for his assistance as they explore alleged occult activity inside the Old Jail of St. Augustine, Fla. The facility once not only housed some of the most violent criminals in America, but also was the site of many executions of those same evildoers. As he joins his two colleagues, Coffey channels a chillingly dark vision from beyond the grave in the new "Dead Men Tell Tales." […]



CW | 9:00 pm
Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) recruits Sam, Jeff, Culhane (Rafael de la Fuente, Sam Adegoke, Robert Christopher Riley) and a reluctant Adam (Sam Underwood) to help Anders (Alan Dale) find his missing daughter Kirby (Maddison Brown) in the new episode "What Sorrows Are You Drowning?" Elsewhere, Cristal and Alexis (Daniella Alonso, Elaine Hendrix) have one of their epic catfights. Grant Show also stars. […]


Ancient Aliens: Declassified

HISTORY | 8:00 pm
Human hieroglyphs such as tattoos, piercings and body modification adopted by mainstream society as a bold form of self-expression could actually be motivated by a profound link to people's ancestors. […]


Dr. Pimple Popper

TLC | 8:00 pm
Tommy's leg bump makes it difficult for him to work; Tony has large growths on his nose that impair his breathing; Kevin has a bump in his jawline that is a lady deterrent; Marie has an unsightly lump on her forehead; includes bonus scenes. […]


X Games

ESPN | 10:00 pm
ESPN's Winter X Games return to Aspen Snowmass as four days of competition in ski, snowboard and snowmobiling showcase the best young athletes in winter sports. Roughly 200 of them will be on hand. On tonight's schedule is both the Women's and Men's Snowboard SuperPipe Finals. Viewers should also expect highlights from earlier events, including the Snowboard Slopestyle and Big Air, and perhaps even a look at the Special Olympics Big Air events that kicked off the X Games. […]



CW | 8:00 pm
This long-running spookfest moves into the second half of its 15th and final season with a new episode called "The Heroes' Journey," which finds the brothers Winchester (Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki) hitting the road once again to come to the assistance of an old friend in distress. This time around, their uncanny luck seems to have abandoned them, as Sam and Dean wind up the ones who may need rescuing. […]


Last Man Standing

FOX | 8:00 pm
Mike (Tim Allen) is hard-pressed to find a way to bring up Vanessa's (Nancy Travis) increasingly loud snoring habit without hurting his wife's feelings in the new episode "Bedtime Story." Elsewhere, Mandy (Molly McCook) goes wildly overboard getting ready for the arrival of Kristin and Ryan's (Amanda Fuller, Jordan Masterson) new baby. Héctor Elizondo, Christoph Sanders and Jonathan Adams also star. […]



FREEFORM | 8:00 pm
In a new episode simply entitled "Damn," the whole group struggles to cope in the face of a genuinely shocking surprise. Meanwhile, yet another completely unexpected bombshell sends a stunned Zoey (Yara Shahidi) into a spiral of depression. Trevor Jackson, Emily Arlook, Francia Raisa, Jordan Buhat, Deon Cole and Luka Sabbat also star. […]