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The Big Bang Theory

CBS | 8:00 pm With Sheldon (Jim Parsons) interfering with their work on the guidance system. Leonard and Wolowitz (Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg) scheme to divert his attention by treating him to a railway trek in "The Locomotion Reverberation." Raj and Stuart (Kunal Nayyar, guest star Kevin Sussman) play babysitters […]

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Chicago Fire

NBC | 8:00 pm As the title "One Hundred" suggests, the series marked its 100th episode with this tale, which also commemorates the one-century anniversary of Molly’s — possibly, since Herrmann (David Eigenberg) initially has doubts about throwing a big celebration for the occasion. Casey and Dawson (Jesse Spencer, Monica […]

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Chicago Med

NBC | 9:00 pm Among the results of a Windy City blizzard is a multiple-car accident in "Cold Front," bringing numerous trauma patients to the hospital. Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Latham (Colin Donnell, guest star Ato Essandoh) have to make immediate decisions on treatment. Dwindling supplies also force Goodwin (S. […]

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Life in Pieces

CBS | 9:30 pm Frugality spreads from Colleen (Angelique Cabral) to Matt (Thomas Sadoski) in "Cheap Promotion Flying Birthday," as she shows him how to save money — which has an additional effect on her that he appreciates. Tim (Dan Bakkedahl) isn’t sure how to go about firing his co-worker, […]


Big Star Little Star

USA Network | 9:00 pm Cat Deeley ("So You Think You Can Dance") hosts this new celebrity game show in which family members test their knowledge of each other. Each episode features three families, and the winners earn money for their favorite charity. The series premiere features Todd Chrisley ("Chrisley […]

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PBS | 8:00 pm Originally shown in 2014, "Touching the Wild" follows naturalist and author Joe Hutto’s quest to coexist with a family of wild mule deer in Wyoming s Wind River Mountains. The experiment began with his two-year effort to be accepted and trusted by the animals, then lasted […]

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Little Big Shots

NBC | 8:00 pm "Little Big News" isn’t a random title in the case of this new episode, since a newscaster — who happens to be only eight years old — is among the youngsters showcased by host Steve Harvey. So are a stand-up comic who’s all of seven, a […]

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PBS | 9:00 pm The plight of the population of Flint, Mich. — where a cost-saving switch to a different water source led to 12 deaths and the pervasive threat of lead poisoning — is detailed in the new episode "Poisoned Water." Residents discuss concerns they had early on, which […]

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The Carmichael Show

NBC | 9:00 pm It’s logical that title star Jerrod Carmichael is friends with veteran producer Norman Lear, whose classic "All in the Family" has much in common with this series, starting Season 3. Topicality is foremost in the minds of Carmichael and his writing team, as indicated here by […]

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FX Networks Inc. | 10:00 pm Instead of being constrained by all the professional rules guiding her investigation, Gloria (Carrie Coon) tries to figure out a way to work around "the system" in a new episode called "The Law of Inevitability." Elsewhere, Nikki (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) finds herself in an […]