New Name. More Focus On You.

Did you notice? I hope so. We changed the name of your magazine from Hopper Magazine to OnDISH Magazine. We hope the new title is more welcoming to all DISH customers, no matter what type of receiver you may have — be it a Hopper, a 722, 512 or another. In addition to the name change, we will be adding new columns to keep you in the know on what’s going on at DISH — you’ll get updates straight from DISH’s top leaders.

As always, we will continue to go behind the scenes in the programming world to keep you informed on what’s new and what’s worth watching, as well as provide updated channel lineups, daily TV listings and more.

That said, it’s been over a year, but Game of Thrones finally returns for its penultimate season. Our senior writer, Lori Acken, details what’s in store on page 14, but beware, there are major spoilers on previous seasons if you’re not caught up. Honestly, I was initially late to the GOT fan craze and didn’t start my bingewatch until the end of Season 4 (we are starting Season 7 this month). The sophisticated fantasy drama is a brutally enthralling, multi-character story that frequently leaves you feeling gut-punched and desperate to know what awaits. If there’s one show I would recommend investing yourself in this summer, it’s Game of Thrones.

As for new options this month, you’ve got plenty. CBS delivers a summer blockbuster in the series Salvation. TNT shows us Shakespeare’s rowdy side in Will. ABC gives us chills with Somewhere Between. NBC freaks us out with its thriller Midnight, Texas, and AMC offers some laughs in Loaded.

Happy viewing!

Barb Oates, Editor in Chief