March 18, 2018

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CBS | 8:00 pm
After his run on "The Good Wife," Tony Award winner Alan Cumming returns to series work by premiering as an ex-CIA man turned college professor and author. In this "Pilot," he’s forced to channel his old skills when his first book is used as sort of a play-by-play manual … by a serial killer. The adaptation of a novel by James Patterson ("Zoo") also features Bojana Novakovic, Naveen Andrews and Sharon Leal. Patterson and Cumming also are executive producers of the show. […]

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ABC | 10:01 pm
Though he’s preoccupied with family matters, Cameron (Jack Cutmore-Scott) has to focus his magic on helping some people in trouble in the new episode "Forced Perspective." Tourists get caught up in what seems to be a reality show, but the truth of their situation is a lot more dangerous — and more potentially lethal — than that. Ilfenesh Hadera, Lenora Crichlow, Amaury Nolasco, Justin Chon, Laila Robins and Vinnie Jones as Gunter Gustafsen also star. […]

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NBC | 10:00 pm
Expect to see plenty of tire tracks in the new episode "The Darlington 500," as Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus (Matt Lanter, Abigail Spencer, Malcolm Barrett) venture back to a 1950s stock-car race to stop a plot against the entire U.S. automotive industry. A pivotal character in the story is real-life NASCAR driver Wendell Scott, played here by guest star Joseph Lee Anderson, but previously portrayed by Richard Pryor in the 1977 movie "Greased Lightning." […]

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Madam Secretary

CBS | 10:00 pm
Facing oppression in their homeland, LGBTQ individuals get a literal escape route thanks to Jay and Kat (Sebastian Arcelus, Sara Ramirez) in the new episode "Refuge." That may last only so long, though, since that country shuts its borders — and American allies develop concerns about the situation. Executive producer Eric Stoltz directed the story and also appears in his recurring series role. B.D. Wong guest stars. Tea Leoni, Tim Daly, Zeljko Ivanek and Geoffrey Arend also star. […]

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The Last Man on Earth

FOX | 9:30 pm
Fred Armisen reprises his eccentric guest role as Karl as this off-the-wall comedy series returns for its spring premiere with the new episode "Hamilton/Berg." The story finds Tandy and Todd (Will Forte, Mel Rodriguez) still badly shaken from the recent graveyard incident, so they desperately try to convince their friends that something is seriously wrong with Karl, something about which they should do something. Meanwhile, Jasper’s whereabouts remain a mystery. […]

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