August 23, 2019

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Ancient Aliens

HISTORY | 9:00 pm
The native Hawaiians trace their ancestry to beings from the Pleiades star system called the Akua; a look at these islands and if they once had been inhabited by extraterrestrials. […]

Best Bets

Racing Wives

CMT | 10:00 pm
Whitney and Mariel’s feud drives Whitney further into the wives’ social circle; Amber questions her future in North Carolina; after surprising a childless couple with grant money for IVF, Samantha gets more serious about having another baby. […]

Best Bets

A Black Lady Sketch Show

HBO | 11:00 pm
Among the sketches in the new episode "Where Are My Background Singers?," a divorce party spins totally out of control following a bad mushroom trip, and a peeved airline passenger tries to find a customer service representative who shares her frustration. In another segment, a 1930s groupie sets her sights on Negro League baseball player Satchel Paige. Robin Thede, Ashley Black, Gabrielle Dennis and Quinta Brunson are among the performers. […]

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SYFY | 10:00 pm
An unexpected — and decidedly unwelcome — hostage situation throws a major wrench into Dutch’s (Hannah John-Kamen) prison takeover scheme in the new episode "Three Mutineers." With few other options and their situation growing more desperate by the minute, she, D’avin and John (Luke Macfarlane, Aaron Ashmore) scramble frantically to improvise a new plan. […]

Best Bets

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

FOOD | 9:00 pm
With many casual diners, you pretty much can’t go wrong picking "Loaded, Stuffed and Fried" menu options, and those are exactly the kind of culinary treats host Guy Fieri is looking for in a new episode with that title. He starts out in Santa Fe, N.M., where a farm-to-table eatery delivers a knock-your-lights-out lamb sandwich and bison gravy fries. A funky Mexican seafood spot in Kansas City, Mo., fries fish and stuffs outrageous oysters. […]

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