September 19, 2017

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So Sharp

LIFETIME | 10:14 pm
The pressure of preview week is getting to Todd, who has a heated altercation with one of the Ladybirds in the new episode "Only the Sharp Survive." Elsewhere, Marissa goes behind Gabrielle’s back and talks to Todd about not bringing her back next year, while Chloe struggles to get her headspring up to Todd’s standards. If she can’t, she probably won’t make the Nationals team. The Season 1 finale, "It’s Nationals!," immediately follows. […]

Best Bets

The Murder of Laci Peterson

A&E | 10:01 pm
This documentary series reaches its finale with "Reasonable Doubt," which examines new theories that have emerged in the wake of the verdict condemning Scott Peterson to death by lethal injection. Such a harsh sentence is rare in a crime during which there was no DNA evidence or eyewitness testimony. and the relentless media circus that surrounded the courtroom proceedings led some to have second thoughts about that death sentence. […]

Best Bets

Somewhere Between

ABC | 10:00 pm
After risking their own lives in trying to ensure Serena’s (Aria Birch) safety against a fate that seems preordained, Laura and Nico (Paula Patton, Devon Sawa) reach the apparent end of their quest in the drama’s season finale, "One Must Die." That title certainly doesn’t seem to bode a favorable outcome, but since this show has made its own rules from the start, it appears reasonable to say that anything could happen. JR Bourne also stars. […]

Best Bets

Chrisley Knows Best

USA | 10:00 pm
In a new episode called "Twisted Sisters," Todd benevolently offers to act as chauffeur for his mother, Faye, and her sister Francis. Given that no good deed goes unpunished, however, he soon discovers he has bitten off more than he can chew with this volunteer gig. Meanwhile, wife Julie opens a boutique real-estate office, but things go awry when she offers to sell Savannah’s house. […]

Best Bets

People of Earth

TBS | 10:30 pm
In the new episode "Truth or Dare," Agent Foster (Nasim Pedrad) turns to Gina (Ana Gasteyer) for help with a personal problem, while Richard (Brian Huskey) sues his former employer for wrongful termination, using the StarCrossed members as character witnesses. Back on the spaceship, Jonathan Walsh (Michael Cassidy) offers to help Jeff (Ken Hall) when the latter finds himself being blackmailed by Eric (voice of Peter Serafinowicz). […]

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