October 16, 2021

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SYFY | 10:00 pm
Brad Dourif reprises his longtime voice performance in the title role of a freckle-faced doll possessed by the soul of a serial killer in this new series adaptation of a wildly successful horror movie franchise. As the story opens, a vintage Chucky doll inexplicably turns up at a suburban yard sale, almost immediately throwing an idyllic community into chaos as a series of local murders exposes some of the town's hypocrisies and secrets. Fiona Dourif, Brad's daughter, co-stars, along with Zackary Arthur, Teo Briones, Alex Vincent and Jennifer Tilly. […]


Eli Roth's History of Horror

AMC | 10:00 pm
The new episode "Psychics" explores how movies about the ability to read minds both play on the egos of our species and exploit our insecurities about psychic abilities that go wrong. Among the films considered are Mike Flanagan's adaptation of Stephen King's "Doctor Sleep," David Cronenberg's "Scanners," Brian De Palma's "The Fury" and Tim Burton's "Beetlejuice," along with others. Interviews include King, Cate Blanchett, Geena Davis, Bill Hader, Vanessa Hudgens and Quentin Tarantino. […]



PBS | 10:00 pm
Season 4 opens with "Letters to Eloisa," filmmaker Adriana Bosch's documentary that chronicles the tragic story of Cuban writer José Lezama Lima, as related through the haunting letters he wrote to his sister living in exile in Mexico. Weaving together the public and the private, the political and the literary, Bosch's film reveals how Lezama's voice was silenced after the publication of his semi-autobiographical book "Paradiso," which was widely praised but also contained homoerotic scenes that shocked much of the Spanish-speaking world. Alfred Molina provides the voice of Lezama. […]


Magnum P.I.

CBS | 9:00 pm
When a young caddie is fired after being accused of stealing a member's golf clubs, Magnum, Higgins and Rick (Jay Hernandez, Perdita Weeks, Zachary Knighton) go undercover at an exclusive country club to uncover the truth in the new episode "Texas Wedge." Meanwhile, Jin's (recurring guest star Bobby Lee) young niece (guest star Kaylee Hottle, "Godzilla vs. Kong") asks him to speak at her school, unaware of her uncle's shady reputation. Kate Flannery ("The Office") also guest stars. […]



CBS | 10:00 pm
Series star Michael Weatherly also directed "Espionage," a new episode about a client who is about to go on trial for leaking classified government documents. TAC's original strategy unexpectedly is compromised, however, by a distracted Bull's (Weatherly) emotional turmoil following his daughter's kidnapping. Complicating things further, a federal law blocks the team from advising the jurors of their client's motive for leaking the sensitive information. A.J. Shively and Daniel Cosgrove guest star; Yara Martinez, Geneva Carr and Jamie Lee Kirchner also star. […]

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