August 14, 2018

Today’s Best Bets


America’s Got Talent

NBC | 8:00 pm
The season’s contest moves into a new phase with the start of the live episodes … and more specifically, the Live Quarter Finals. This first round of them is bound to have judges Mel B, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel getting sharper in their critiques of acts that they (and, presumably, the viewing audience) have grown fond of. The results will be announced in another episode Wednesday. Tyra Banks is the host. […]

Best Bets


TVLAND | 10:30 pm
It’s not enough that Ms. Bennigan (Katie O’Brien) already has a host of intimacy issues where Hot Dad (Ryan Caltagirone) is concerned: Ms. Snap (Katy Colloton) now has her convinced the sexy divorced father is actually a serial killer, who is believed still to be at large in Chicago. Elsewhere, Ms. Watson (Kate Lambert) attempts to teach her "dirtbag" student to be upper class, and Ms. Cannon (Caitlin Barlow) wears provocative leggings that leave little to the imagination in the Season 3 finale "Hot Deadly Dad." […]

Best Bets

Seven Year Switch

LIFETIME | 10:03 pm
As this season’s switch approaches its halfway point, the experimental couples come back from their road trips and immediately take part in an exercise designed to promote emotional intimacy. While some of the members continue their process of growing and opening up, others simply shut down at this new challenge for them to become more vulnerable in the new episode "Close Encounters." Afterwards, the experts deliver a surprising announcement when they check in with the couples. […]

Best Bets


TBS | 10:00 pm
A charismatic millionaire who goes by the name Declan Stanwick (Jonno Roberts) rescues the survivors, but something about their genteel and dapper savior convinces Jess and Florence (Ally Maki, Jessica Lowe) that this man may not be who and what he claims to be in the new episode "Puke & Cigars." Taking pains not to raise any undue suspicions on the part of their host, the two women try to discover the true identity of Declan Stanwick. […]

Best Bets

The Outpost

CW | 9:00 pm
Talon (Jessica Green) gets valuable — and somewhat unnerving — information from her rescuer in "Two Heads Are Better Than None," as she learns the very nature of her existence. The killing of a Prime Order officer prompts a determined search for the perpetrator. Jake Stormoen, Anand Desai Barochia, Imogen Waterhouse, Michael Flynn, Robyn Malcolm, Andrew Howard and Philip Brodie also star. […]

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